lonestarLove revisiting one of my favorite independent filmmakers John Sayles. For over 30 years, Sayles continues to feed our need for truly homegrown films rich with diversity, fresh with wisdom, insight, and introspection, broad with ensemble casts, all stamped with his unique interpretation of the American experience. 20 years later, Lonestar remains as captivating as when it was released in 1996. The discovery of a skeleton and a sheriff’s badge nearby set a small town’s current sheriff on a journey unearthing a series of secrets which altered not only the town but his family and trajectory. A remarkable cast includes Chris Cooper, Elizabeth Pena, Miriam Colon, Kris Kristofferson, Matthew McConaughey, Chandra Wilson, Joe Morton, Eddie Robinson, Ron Canada, and one of the most insanely hysterical cameos from Frances MccDormand ever. Lonestar‘s awkwardness with race feels as unfortunately fresh today as it did 20 years ago. Lonestar continues to rank in Sayles’ canon as a masterpiece of modern filmmaking. A must-see. 5 out of 5.


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