Gay Romantic Drama ‘Holding The Man’ Chronicles 15 Years of Love and Loss (Towleroad)

Are we ready to look back 30 years and uncover the innocence of first love and the horrific loss and sadness of the AIDS crisis? To a time when couples in their 20’s and 30’s separated because of death. Am I ready? Australian indie film Holding the Man hopes so. From Towleroad,

A new trailer for the romantic gay drama Holding The Man has debuted and, if the teaser is any indication, it looks to be a tear jerker.

The film follows two young men who meet and fall in love at school as boys. Their relationship grows and lasts over 15 years as each struggles to deal with bigotry, family intolerance, and growing up.

Holding The Man is based on the 1995 memoir of the same name by by Australian writer, actor, and activist Timothy Conigrave. Conigrave passed away a year before the book would be published. It would also go on to be adapted as a play.

Watch the trailer.
Read the full article.


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