Grantchester: S2

grantchester s2Season 2 of Grantchester floats by like an easy summer breeze. Seriously, no one’s looked better in a clerical collar since Montgomery Clift in Hitchcock’s, I Confess. James Norton as Sidney Chambers makes many of us think nasty thoughts as we watch the Nancy Drew antics of Grantchester. Norton’s dreaminess casts a warm addictive glow lasting well beyond the six-episode arc based on The Grantchester Mysteries by James Runcie. Murder aside, I feel I got to know the supporting characters better this season as Sidney continues his battle with PTSD. Robson Green, Morven Christie, Tessa Peake-Jones and Al Weaver soared in their roles as colleagues, caretaker, and love interest to Sidney. In particular Al Weaver’s Leonard made me grateful to be alive during this time period of marriage equality. Leonard’s anxiety-ridden hyper-hesitation at even a simple kiss makes me feel sad and angry and eventually grateful. I hope future seasons show him reaching out for life instead of hiding from it. The murder is what it is. Grantchester keeps things pretty standard. But the superb acting and beautiful location shots keep me coming back for more. It’s so well-crafted, I have to give Grantchester a 4 out of 5.


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