deadpoolDeadpool gets released on disk and streaming this Tuesday, May 10, 2016. Queue another surprise review – Reel Charlie loving the reality of Deadpool. So funny, so self-aware, so meta. With more rapid fire pop culture references than an episode of Gilmore Girls and Ryan Reynolds making fun of himself as a comic book character, an actor in a film and actually being Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool delivers. Layer upon layer of luscious complexity. Yes, there’s a ton of car crashes, dead bodies and people killed by guns and swords. Yes, there’s an obligatory strip club scene. But Deadpool knows what it is, so I can’t help but feel the filmmakers are making a statement about our culture while they’re feeding the culture. What better way to chip away at the desensitized, dullness of Hollywood action films. Making fun of the genre while adding to the genre. Deconstructing the genre while creating more. Like a visual Hollywood Action Film academic journal article. Deadpool serves some perfect meta deliciousness. And kudos to Reynolds for showing his ass more than his female co-star and making more nasty dick and ass jokes than pussy jokes. Yes, people, Deadpool is R rated. Remember violence is PG-13. Sex and nudity make it R. Deadpool‘s also laugh out loud funny. If you loved Guardians of the Galaxy‘s humor, you’ll love the HBO-esque naughtiness of Deadpool. Yes, the super hero is still a white guy. But this deconstruction makes me feel we are getting closer to the diversity Hollywood desperately needs. I can almost see a South Asian lesbian superhero out there on the not-so-distant horizon. 4 out of 5 for a terrific romp through super hero land.


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