Grace and Frankie: S2

grace and frankie s2

Here’s why I think Grace and Frankie transformed into the most deliciously subversive current television show. Let me back up for just a moment and talk about my initial reaction. I gave season one a 3 out of 5 and called it dull and awkward. So what happened? About halfway through this sophomore season I started thinking this wasn’t what I thought it was. Grace and Frankie presents itself thanks to Friends’ creator Marta Kaufman, as a network sitcom. And as a result, the caricatures and one-liners can feel flat and worn thin. But what if the characters were like people we meet in real life? Kooky, silly people who have the wisdom of Buddha. Polished button-up über success stories who are really cracked out messes. Now let’s think in terms of television characters and genres. What if the caricatures portrayed throughout Grace and Frankie – Grace’s buttoned up coldness, Frankie’s goddess silliness, Brianna’s dismissive money-hungry style, Buds’s Marilyn Munster portrayal are nothing more than masks themselves. And when the drama happens, and it happens in hoards this second season, that’s when the true essence of Grace and Frankie reveals itself. How can an insipid comedy broach subjects like coming out late, elder sexuality, birth parent introductions, infidelity between a couple who spent 20 years being unfaithful to their original spouses, excessive drinking, and euthanasia with such delicacy and sensitivity? To me, that’s the perfection that is Grace and Frankie. We all get to be in on the joke. It looks like another stupid comedy. But don’t judge a book by its cover. And like most sage wisdom from people over 70, it might take a while for the truth to appear. But when it does, that’s when the fun begins. Genius. I laughed so much during the final episode because it was funny but also because I finally got it. For the longest time, the writers had us believing these two women were taking 20 years of infidelity from their husbands like it was no big deal because the men were gay and tortured souls. Meanwhile what about these women? Are they doormats? What happens to them? Are they supposed to support and go along as if nothing’s changed?. As if the deception isn’t really as horrific as it should be simply because their husbands are gay? In the final episode, someone finally calls bullshit on everything about Grace and Frankie – ageism, sexism, and bashes the patriarchy in the balls. I won’t give away much more because the subject matter in the final moments is pure comedy delight. The women finally free themselves of being complicit and complacent. Right fucking on. Damn this was good and so much fun discovering the layers within the series. From Lucy and Ethel to Grace and Frankie. I’m bumping my 3 to a 5 this season. Can’t wait to see what kind of trouble Jane and Lily’s characters get into next season. Finally! Well worth the wait.


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