The Outs: S2

outs s2

I bought The Outs season two from Vimeo. I’m telling you that not because I want to shame you into buying more media content. Nor do I want you to feel guilty for waiting to watch things for free or under an umbrella of a provider such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. I do that all the time. I bought The Outs because I wanted to support the producers and crew of this beautiful web series now produced on Vimeo. Season 2 did not disappoint. Six episodes. Although I can’t help but wonder if The Outs were on HBO, would the Internet be screaming about it being too white and the fact that nothing really happens? Hello, Looking! I don’t mind either of those issues. First I think we’re finally at a point in media where people can produce web series about all kinds of LGBT experiences – or any experiences for that matter and not be limited or chastised for their choices. There is room and the ability for many diverse stories to be told. So that said, the milky white depressive gay hipsters of Brooklyn and their allies on The Outs slither through another year with intelligent, insightful, complicated stories. Oona proved stronger this season as well as Paul – ironically stuck in Iowa most of the time. The Alan Cumming subplot was bizarre in a good way. Bowen Yang as Jason was my favorite new character. Great seeing Michael Cyril Creighton again (Jack in the Box) as Gordy. That man needs his own show again. Mitchell needs to get on medication or into some kick ass therapy or kick boxing. Something to get him out of his funk. Still, I adore The Outs and look forward to a third season. Please Vimeo please! Perfect comfort food. 5 out of 5.

Read Reel Charlie’s episodic review of The Outs: Season 1.
Watch The Outs: Season 2 on Vimeo now.


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