Bloodline: Season 2

bloodline s2

Took two tries for me to get swept up into the intense dysfunction of the Florida Keys’ Rayburns. But once I did, there was no turning back. So I marked my calendar and spent Memorial Day weekend binging through season 2 of Bloodline. I understand there have already been lackluster reviews. But honestly, even with the over the top plot paths, I still loved where the writers took us this year. It’s Gothic after all. Lies and cover up never end sweetly. They eat away at everyone involved. So it’s no surprise we watch John, Meg, and Kevin slowly unravel in obvious and surprising ways. The heat as oppressive as their secrets. Kudos to the casting team for bringing in John Leguizamo. Who knew he could play sleazy so good? And fans of both Sam Shepard and Ben Mendelsohn will be happy to know there’s plenty of flashbacks to keep you happy. The additions of Owen Teague and Andrea Riseborough fill the gaps surprisingly nicely left from last season. Does it hold the same sort of punch season 1 had? No, but it sure is entertaining. Lots of fun and suspense -the kind of show that offers great acting, directing and a chance to yell at the television set because you can’t believe how stupid the characters get to be. 3.5 out of 5 for the not-so-guilty pleasure Bloodline.


4 Responses to “Bloodline: Season 2”

  1. thejewels18 Says:

    Just finished Ep.2 and agree…will watch it all the way through. Love evil little Nolan, a perfect Danny mini-me. The unraveling begins!


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