Tab Hunter Confidential

tab hunter confidentialCaught the wonderfully revealing documentary, Tab Hunter Confidential this afternoon. Tab’s star rose during the 1950’s. One of the last stars to come out of the studio system, Tab garnered a seven-year contract with Warner Brothers. Award-winning director Jeffrey Schwarz (I am Divine, Vito) shares a compassionate and inclusive look at the man who became Tab Hunter – beautiful on the inside and out. Tab’s looks certainly opened doors for him, but hiding his sexuality and playing the Hollywood game wore him down. Once he bought himself out of his contract and changed representation, his former agent Henry Willson threw him under the bus trading an outing story on Rock Hudson for one about Hunter. Told exclusively through interviews with 83 year-old Hunter, the film includes talking heads from diverse talent as Robert Wagner, George Takei, Lainie Kazan, Noah Wylie, John Waters, Connie Stevens, Don Murray, Rona Barrett, Rex Reed, Dick Button, Darryl Hickman, Venetia Stevenson, and Tab’s long-term romantic partner Allan Glaser. Tab Hunter Confidential is a must-see for anyone interested in documentaries on the Hollywood system, heart-throbs, the 1950’s, the closet. Or perhaps you simply have a curiosity of what ever happened to Mr. Tab Hunter. You’ll find his story has a very happy ending. Congratulations Tab. 5 out of 5.

Tab Hunter Confidential is available on disk (get an autographed copy!) and streaming on Amazon and iTunes.
Special thanks to Justin Cook Productions for the screener.

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