Sling TV adds NBC, now looks even more like a full cable bundle (Mashable)

sling tv squareFor $25/month and with the upcoming political season here in the U.S., Sling TV looks like the leader in cheap access to Over the Air (OTA) programming. From Mashable,

Sling TV started as a skinny bundle of just a few cable channels.

Now, it’s getting a little more robust.

On Thursday, DISH Network announced the addition of a variety of NBC channels to its internet TV service, including USA, Bravo, Syfy, NBC Sports Network and local NBC affiliates in select markets.

The additions push Sling’s offering well past skinny.

DISH Network launched Sling in early 2015, becoming the first viable TV alternatives to be streamed over the internet. The service originally included just a handful of cable channels (most notably ESPN) and has been steadily adding channels since.

Sling’s baseline “Orange” package, which has retained its original price of $20 per month, now offers more than 25 channels.

To gain access to the new NBC channels, customers will need to subscribe to the new “Blue” package, which costs $25 per month and offers more than 30 channels.

Then there’s the combined Orange and Blue package that includes more than 70 channels for $40 per month.

Obviously Sling TV created tiered packages to compete with PlayStation Vue. The top package caps out at $40/month which to me seems very reasonable. I may add Sling TV back at least until after the elections.

Read Reel Charlie’s initial review of Sling TV from March 2016.


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