Hail, Caesar!

hail caesarI finally found a Coen Brothers film I didn’t like. Happens eventually to everyone. Certainly doesn’t negate their genius. Hail, Caesar! came packaged as a non-stop laugh out loud wink to old Hollywood. Instead, the film spends too much time setting up. When we finally get to where we’re headed, I didn’t care. Huge cast, huge sets, obviously huge budget. A few funny moments – Frances McDormand’s scarf in particular. But all in all, I kept thinking what a brilliant premise Hail, Caesar! was – to skewer the old Hollywood system and at the same time celebrate it. And yet the dullness of the film allowed it to fall flat on its face. Not even Ms. McDormand and a double dose of Tilda Swinton could save this clunker. 2 out of 5. Next.


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