Advanced Style

advanced styleWhat an absolute delight visiting the subjects of Ari Seth Cohen and Lina Plioplyte’s 2014 documentary, Advanced Style. An ongoing conversation I had with my late mother and her best friend Mary consisted of their collective disappointment in the world as people stopped caring about their personal appearance in public. This may sound superficial. I had plenty of conversations with my mother about domestic and foreign politics, human rights, and global warming. But there was something about those style conversations that stays with me. Enter the older women of New York City and Ari Cohen’s blog project to document their style and beauty which gave birth to this film. I couldn’t help but worry that there would be more than a bit of superficiality. And there was a bit, but there was also heaps of confidence, charisma, and guts to turn these women into modern-day heroes. Anyone interested in fashion, a sense of personal style, aging graceful or better yet getting to an age where you don’t give a rats ass what others think should watch this beautiful tribute to some of Gotham’s most colorful and joyous inhabitants. 4 out of 5 for these beautiful creatures. Loved Advanced Style! When’s Part II – the men’s edition arriving? Ari?

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