The Top 10 Best Crime Shows of the New Millenium (Decider)

staircaseCrime shows – murder mysteries, police procedurals, true crime are certainly having their heyday. This list from Decider captures some great selections including the highly underrated sleeper, The Staircase, everyone’s favorite chiller Broadchurch, sexy Luther and his Alice, and the fantastic reboot of Fargo. From Decider,

Earlier today, we proposed that we might be living in a new “Golden Age of Crime Television.” The detective story has evolved from a genre about mental gymnastics to one that delights in emotionally excavating our souls. These new crime stories — whether presented as documentaries, miniseries, or traditional dramas — prefer to focus on how one harrowing crime tears everyone in a community apart. The murder may or may not be solved. The purpose of these stories is to explore the mysteries within us all.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 Modern Crime Masterpieces that fit this mold and that helped establish this bold new trend in the mystery genre. It was a titanic task writing this list because there are so many amazing crime shows out today.

Honorable mentions go to Serial Season One (which we excluded because it’s a podcast), Sherlock (for its focus on the emotional lives of its heroes), Hannibal (for its macabre splendor), and Grantchester Season Two (for pushing the traditional British crime drama into bold, emotional territory).

Read the entire list on Decider.


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