marcellaNetflix’s new British police procedural Marcella started out strong. Combining elements of the wounded hero with multiple story lines and too many bad guys to count I started feeling like I’d hit the jackpot of Golden Age Television crime drama. Think the complexity of The Wire combined with the suspense of a murder mystery. Then about halfway through the 8-episode story arc holes began appearing. A few of the coincidences seemed a bit too obvious. And the complexity became chaotic. Throwing darts rather than building an intricate plot web. By the last two episodes, the absurdities made me laugh out loud. If this were a spoof on serial killers, it might have worked. But the desire for Marcella to be the darkest and most sophisticated television series ever produced fell flat by the final episode. Characters I didn’t care about ending up in situations too far-fetched for even fiction. And the evil rich gay guy was the least of my worries. Enough! 2 out of 5 for Marcella. She deserved better.


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