The Good Wife: The Seventh and Final Season

good wife s7For seven years we’ve had fun with the Florricks. I’m going to miss Julianna Margulies, Matt Czuchry, Alan Cumming, Cush Jumbo, Makenzie Vega, Zach Grenier, Graham Phillips, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Christine Baranski. Perhaps missing Cary and David Lee may be too intimate of a description, but seriously most of these characters have made their way into my heart. I didn’t think The Good Wife could lose Kalinda and survive, but adding Lucca and Jason worked some final season magic. Thanks writers. Hats off to an amazing ensemble of reoccurring characters and guest stars including Mary Beth Peil, Sarah Steele (yes!), Stockard Channing, Dallas Roberts, John Benjamin Hicky, Carrie Preston (yes!), Denis O’Hare, Anna Camp, and Will Patton. Who didn’t love seeing Will holding Tom in every scene? See photo below. I want Tom. What made The Good Wife work stemmed from its ability to be serious, to tackle complex issues, to have juicy personal stories and to make fun of itself simultaneously. I think the creators learned well from L.A. Law. Perhaps this year there were some misses – things getting more melodramatic than just plan dramatic. The Alicia standing by Peter getting stale, the Cary getting boring, the backstabbing. But through it all I believed in Alicia even as she became someone other than who she was when I first met her seven seasons ago. I give this final season a 3.5 out of 5. Which makes my overall score for the series just above a 4. Bye Alicia.

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Tom the dog steals every scene in Season 7 of The Good Wife.

Tom the dog steals every scene in Season 7 of The Good Wife.


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