Crushing on Tamal: Great British Baking Show (#TeamTamal)

Tamal smile

Is anyone else majorly crushing on Tamal from Season 3 of The Great British Baking Show? It happened very quietly for me over the past 8 episodes. Suddenly I was noticing how adorable he was and hoping he would keep making it. Now I just looked up online and found out he came out as gay publicly because so many fan girls were swarming around his social media. That makes my crush even stronger. And to top it off, he’s an anesthesiologist. So he’s perfect to bring home to Mom. A doctor who bakes. If my friends Mark and Neil had a baby… So if you’ve thought about Tamal, I have two words for you: hands off! I just know he’s out there waiting for his Librarian Blogger American Daddy to come sweep him off his feet. Meanwhile I’m rooting for him to win big! #TeamTamal.

tamal gbbs



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