The Walking Dead: Season 6

walking dead s6The Walking Dead keeps getting better and better. A powerhouse Season 6 featuring the crew confronting real moral dilemmas. In order to survive and thrive, do you adopt a preemptive strike position? And once you cross that line, what does it do to your humanity? PTSD? Compartmentalization? Barbarianism? Kill or be killed? The questions Season 6 create run to the very essence of what makes us human. It’s scary imaging what choices I would make in that world. Would I be on Team Rick? Would I have a choice? Would I even care about the alternative? Whew. What a season. Morgan’s back story, Carol’s decision, Maggie’s realization, Glenn’s brush, Carl’s loss, Rick and Michonne’s discovery. Loved that Merritt Wever joined the cast this season. And Alicia Witt. And a second season with Tovah Feldshuh. Such strong actors in perfect roles. 5 out of 5. The only thing that would have made The Walking Dead better is if I could have binge watched it with my niece Lauren.


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