The Get Down

get down

I was excited to discover Baz Luhrmann coming to Netflix this season with a 70’s music-inspired series. The Get Down‘s first season turned out to be a costly EP – 6 episodes for $120 million. Whew! The first time I tried watching The Get Down I turned it off after a few minutes because it just didn’t grab me. Last weekend I gave it another chance watching most of episode one and the supposed gay scene from the season finale which turns out to be more pansexual since we’re living in such a post-gay world, just like it was in the late 70’s. What irks me the most about The Get Down? First, the editing never slows down enough for the viewer to get goose bumps. Luhrmann’s past projects were colossal and if you liked them, the crescendos made you scream. This time around, because perhaps no one has an attention span left, just about the time the music starts getting good, there’s a cut to something else. Do we all have attention deficit? And then there’s the music itself. There’s not enough of any genre to make anyone happy. Just when you think Luhrmann’s going to capture a classic disco moment, he cuts to a street scene with soul music and then to an underground club with early hip-hop. I realize genres lived alongside each other in real-time harmony, but most of us didn’t mash them up together in one 60 minute sitting. The big gay club scene was a sloppy mess. First the Jaden Smith kissing a blond surfer boy scene was cut so artfully, you didn’t know whose lips were on whose. The whole club suddenly starts making out. Then they threw in club kids from the 80’s and vogueing which was around during that time period but not happening in nightclubs. And certainly not with any white people in attendance. All that said, I didn’t hate The Get Down but it annoyed me more than satisfied me. It just doesn’t ring authentic to me. 2.5 out of 5.


2 Responses to “The Get Down”

  1. Uncle Barb Says:

    disappointed … but will watch anyway cuz BAZ
    maybe going in with lowered expectations will make it Get Down more easily


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