Fallen Angel

fallen angelOtto Preminger’s 1945 film noir classic, Fallen Angel stars Dana Andrews, Alice Faye, and a luminous Linda Darnell. Side note to my friend Grace: I finally saw a Linda Darnell film. Grace’s cousin Greg was a huge Darnell fan and collector. I get the appeal. Va-va-va-voom! As noir go – cynical, stark, existential, I found Fallen Angel a bit on the light side. Drifter comes to town. Within 24 hours he’s convinced a waitress to not only scheme with him, but marry him. Another 48 hours goes by and he marries yet another woman who realizes what he’s doing but insists half of her fortune is rightfully his and gladly gives it over to him. Believability? Not so much. Fun factor? Pretty damn high. Dana, Alice, and Linda work their movie magic making Fallen Angel a delightful trip into the past. I love watching older films for the first time and imagining what the audience must have thought of the film back in the day. Racy? Predatory? Trashy? Yet through it all there was an absolute element of fun veering on camp. 3.5 out of 5 for Preminger’s Fallen Angel.


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