Prime Suspect: Series 7 (Blu-ray)

Prime Suspect S1A mere ten years ago, television said goodbye to Jane Tennison. Prime Suspect‘s complicated Detective Chief Inspector continues to be the most celebrated character ever to grace a murder mystery television series. Helen Mirren embodied Jane Tennison so perfectly the series propelled Mirren’s star into another category – where she remains – celebrated, revered, at the top of her acting game. So how did we say goodbye to Tennison? Regrettably of course. Jane’s final case focuses of course on a murder – this time of a teenaged girl. As with previous series, issues create the complexity we come to adore about Prime Suspect. Only this time the issue is Jane Tennison herself. Her alcoholism’s out of control, her father’s dying, she has no friends, no real relationships, she’s teetering on retirement and most of the people around her wonder what’s she’s got to show for it. Once again, Jane must prove herself to her toughest critics – this time she has to prove herself to herself. What happens? You’ll have to watch. Prime Suspect: The Final Act truly is one of the best of the series. Bravo. We miss you Jane! 5 out of 5.


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