Pre-Code Hollywood: LGBT

I’m updating my History of LGBTQ Film and Television program to present next month at the library for the general public. Having to go back and add credits into my PowerPoint since older people tend to have more questions about details than younger people. First time I gave this talk was last Spring (2016) for my friend Dr. Sally O’Driscoll’s Gender and Sexuality in Film and Literature class at Fairfield University. While Googling film titles and dates, I came across a great blog post created last July at Let’s Misbehave: A Tribute to Precode Hollywood. From the blog owner Emma,

A to Z of Precode Gays & Lesbians

Despite any inference or inclusion of LGBT people or ‘sex perversion’ – as it was called – being a fundamental no-no in the 1930 Motion Picture Production Code, Precode films are full of references to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual people both to increase dramatic tension and for comedic effect. Whether as a ‘sissy’ or the stereotypical ‘butch woman’, several actors made a living out of playing these roles. Below is my A to Z of the best and worst of Precode LGBT.

Read the full article and this comprehensive list of actors and films from pre-1930’s Hollywood.



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