One Mississippi: Season 1

one-mississippi-season-1Tig Notaro’s Amazon Prime television show One Mississippi is mandatory viewing. She and co-creator Diablo Cody take wickedly dismal subject matter and tune it to humor – Tig had a double mastectomy from breast cancer, got diagnosed with C. diff soon after her surgery and then her mother died suddenly. All that really happened to her. She’s now created a show based on those experiences in what critics are calling a grief comedy. The fictional Tig travels from her home in Los Angeles where she is eking out a living as a NPResque radio show host to Mississippi to take her mother off life support. That’s about all you need to know and all I want to tell you. Her mother’s death is not a surprise. It happens in the first few minutes of the opening. The writing is phenomenal, the nuanced performances pitch perfect. Particularly Tig, Noah Harpster who plays her brother Remy and John Rothman who plays her step-father Bill. When you think someone may veer off into stereotypical land suddenly a truth bursts through. One Mississippi is provocative, thoughtful, mature, human and in parts deeply funny. Tig’s life is our life. The honesty and purity of the writing and performances happen so effortlessly that one episode moves to another and suddenly you’ve binged through all six. Incredible what can happen in 25 minutes. A welcome addition to our generation of new Golden Age television. A must-see. 5 out of 5.

My favorite moment from the first season happens when the camera pans Tig’s step-father Bill’s pantry. It’s a masterpiece of organization. I want to marry that man.

Read Reel Charlie’s review of the One Mississippi pilot.


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