Transparent: Season 3


Transparent continues to shock and awe. To confront and inspire. To touch the deepest parts of our humanity with the rawest of emotion. Season 1 felt internal. Season 2 felt like defining female sexuality and what it means to be a woman. Season 3 continued covering all these themes but also focused on alienation, consequences, self-absorption, and my favorite theme – Maura’s continual use of her white male privilege in her trans woman body. Josh and Len get to crash the party a little deeper. Otherwise, Transparent is a female tour de force. Triumphantly so. Transparent goes dark. Transparent goes nasty. Transparent goes where you hope it goes. The difference between good television and great television is this: if you think it and it happens, then they’re doing their job. Every time I thought something should happen, it did. Transparent never holds back. And it is that kernel which makes Transparent fearless and one for the history books. The final episodes reveal more about Judith Light’s Shelly than we’ve been privy to. The cruise ship performance is nothing short of astonishing. Laugh, scream, cry. Do it all. The dysfunctional Pfeffermans in all their dysfunctional glory will be standing next to you waiting, watching, bitching, loving. 5 out of 5 for Transparent: Season 3.

8/2017: Just as good the second time around. I’m chomping at the bit for Season 4 to be released. The Israel season!


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