Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story

seed-moneyFascinating documentary, Seed Money based on the life of Chuck Holmes who created Falcon Studios, the gay porn company which changed the face of gay male adult entertainment in the 70’s and 80’s using wholesome, handsome, clean-cut models in high production settings. Chuck made a lot of money, was never able to share his profession with the general public unlike someone like Hugh Hefner or Bob Guccione could, and became a philanthropist donating most of his fortune to political and social causes near to his heart. The film itself is fairly simplistic. But the story is captivating. I continue to believe porn offers a refuge for many who are unable to express their sexuality for whatever reason. Certainly in this age of over saturation, there is the issue of compulsion but I’ve always seen the positive aspects of porn in people’s lives around me. Chuck Holmes certainly made my 20’s a happier time. My favorite part of his story is that in developing his brand, he didn’t want models with dirty feet. So he made sure they were cleaned and scrubbed literally from head-to-toe. Of course there are issues with people being exploited in the industry and performers being attracted to it who have destructive personalities to begin with. But the focus of this film was on Chuck and how Falcon legitimized the industry and helped a generation of gay men make it through the horrors of the AIDS crisis using porn and solo sex as a safe sex outlet. 4 out of 5 for this important story.


2 Responses to “Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story”

  1. nuwansenfilmsen Says:

    Sounds like an Interesting documentary, with an interesting insight to the 70’s!!! I should check it out!!!


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