LGBT Movies Galore: Moonlight, The Handmaiden, and NewFest (Towleroad)

From Towleroad and Nathaniel Rogers of The Film Experience,

If there was ever a weekend to get your gay ass to the movie theaters it’s this one. The choices are suddenly abundant and very pleasurable… at least on the coasts (consider this a November preview if you’re further inland).

This is a crucial moment because we get not one but two new must-see art films, Moonlight and The Handmaiden, which couldn’t be more different but for their immense quality. Together they remind us of the range and diversity and aesthetic power that queer cinema is capable of. They’re also both platform releases and how well such releases do and how many cities they expand to always comes down to us; if we don’t support LGBT cinema we eventually get much less of it.

On top of these two arguably masterworks, those near New York City have even more options because NewFest opens today and runs through the 25th.

Chiron’s first gay experience in “Moonlight”

Read the full article on Towleroad.


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