(Saying Goodbye to) The Walking Dead: Season 7 Episode 1

Spoiler alerts: The Walking Dead has always been a tough sell for me. I tried it once, gave it up because of the gore, came back with a vengeance because of the writing and acting. I love the idea of an entire show centering on the one question: can humanity survive without civilization? And I have loved The Walking Dead these past six years albeit reluctantly with all the gore. But after seeing the torture of Season 7’s premiere, I don’t want to go on. I realize the show is being true to the graphic novels. I am happy for that. For the fans. For me it’s simply too much violence. The combination of the psychological torture, the impending PTSD, and Glenn’s death was overwhelming. As my niece Lauren said, “I’m not sure I can go on without Glenn. I feel the same way. I’m saving goodbye to the survivors of The Walking Dead. It’s been a great six seasons for me. I wish you well.



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