Kelly Bishop on Emily’s emotional journey and the joys and struggles of a ‘Gilmore Girls’ revival (Mashable)

kelly-bishopKelly Bishop’s Emily no question is my favorite character on Gilmore Girls. Bishop got her break in the original cast of A Chorus Line on Broadway where she won a Tony for her performance as Sheila. That’s some major Theise/Scherer (the two major theatre geeks in my life) street cred going on. Kelly talks about how it was coming back to the role of Emily without her friend Edward Hermann. From Mashable,

When Kelly Bishop sat down with a group of reporters a Netflix junket in October the day after that perfect Gilmore Girls trailer dropped, the first question was the most important: What is with Emily Gilmore’s jeans in the Gilmore Girls trailer?

“The jeans were great fun, they were really ugly jeans,” Bishop said, beaming impishly like her character does when she sees a plan come together. “I wear jeans all the time in real life, but those were like really funky, torn, not very good-fitting jeans. They were very comfortable, I can tell you that, and of course that’s an amazing thing to see Emily in a pair of jeans and moccasins and a little t-shirt.”

 In person, Bishop embodies the Emily we knew during Gilmore Girls’ seven seasons: classily dressed and put-together, with the aura of someone who’s better than you, even if Bishop doesn’t gloat about it like her character.

The already-legendary jeans are perhaps the most obvious external cry for help we hear from Emily, who loses her husband Richard (Edward Herrmann, who passed away in 2014) at the start of Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival. Emily and Richard may have been married for decades, but Bishop’s portrayal is defined by the loss of the dear friend she had in Herrmann.

Read the full article on Mashable.


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