Looking: The Movie

looking-movieFinally the series finale to HBO’s Looking gets its disk release. Instead of releasing Season 2 and The Movie, they released a brand-new box set of the entire series which I was happy to buy from Wolfe Video on Blu-ray. Looking: The Movie turned out to be everything a fan of this glorious short-lived television could hope for. The dialogue felt as if it had been ripped from real conversations, the actors seemed genuinely thrilled to be reunited. The location shots took my breath away. Ah San Francisco – Queer San Francisco. Sigh. What a treat this turned out to be. I laughed, I shrieked, Patrick even shocked me with his new sex positive self. All the characters came together for Augustin and Eddie’s wedding. And the ending couldn’t have been better. No spoilers from me. Let’s just say it was an ending you would wish for your best friends. Love to the cast, crew, series creator Michael Lannan and director Andrew Haigh for making perfect television. I will cherish my Blu-ray boxed set and binge again and again. 5 out of 5.

Read Reel Charlie’s reviews of Looking: Season 1 and Season 2.
9/17/2018: Even better the second time around. Sublime. Nuanced. Realistically romantic. Looking: The Movie’s got it all. One question: Doris didn’t get her own series because…? Love, love, love this series.

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