Stranger Things: Season 1

stranger-things-s1I know, I know. I’ll get tomatoes thrown at me for this, but I didn’t like Netflix new uber-hit, Stranger Things. I actually gave it two tries. And watched several episodes the second time around. Still not sticking. Two things going on for me. First, I was a new adult during the 80’s so I don’t wax nostalgic for the teen movies from that era. Sorry Gen Xers, I get that you love this decade (Star Wars, etc.). I just don’t share your obsession. I was grooving on dinner parties and happy hours and nesting with husband #1. And watching L.A. Law and The Golden Girls. Second, I know this may come as a shock to many of you, but Winona Ryder overacts. I made faces every time she had a scene. Was she better when she was younger? I’m afraid to go back and watch Little Women (Susan Sarandon may yell at me anyway for something I didn’t do politically), Age of Innocence,  and Mermaids for fear my fond memory will be smashed. So there you have it. I gave Stranger Things two tries. Everyone looked kind of smelly to me. 2 out of 5. Next.


2 Responses to “Stranger Things: Season 1”

  1. thejewels18 Says:

    Agree on Winona but enjoyed the kids, especially Dustin. Very X Files. Watched the whole series and was entertained, but needed to lower the bar for meaningfulness. 3 out of 5 for me and will probably watch season 2 if it comes out during this long winter. Need a new series. Have you watched The Detectorists?


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