How a New Crop of Filmmakers and Festival Organizers Are Breathing New Life Into “Lesbian Cinema” (Slate)

Slate’s Outward blog (Expanding the LGBTQ Conversation) created a lesbian issue with a great series of articles focused on lesbian identity. I suggest beginning with What Does Lesbian Mean in 2016? by June Thomas. Obviously Daniela Costa’s article on lesbian cinema is most important for Reel Charlie. From Outward on Slate,

If you asked a relatively knowledgeable movie-goer what notable lesbian-themed films have come out in the last three years, she’d probably tell you Blue Is The Warmest Color (2013), Carol (2015) and this year’s The Handmaiden. These are certainly noteworthy films, but they only account for a small portion of new monthly offerings in queer women’s entertainment. Yet queer women, not to mention mainstream viewers, are not accessing these movies at the rates they could be, nor are they flocking to the LGBTQ film festivals that help make them possible. Where does that lack of engagement leave lesbian cinema? And just how are queer film festivals and filmmakers working within the current paradigm? I spoke to a handful of players in the field, and what they’re seeing is very telling of the genre’s future.

Read the full article on Slate. 
Check out the Lesbian Issue of Onward.



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