Howards End Christmas scene

The best Christmas scene ever in a film is from Merchant Ivory’s masterpiece, Howards End (1992). Vanessa Redgrave’s Ruth Wilcox and Emma Thompson’s Margaret Schlegel Christmas shop in a turn of the (20th) century department store. Absolute heaven. Criterion remastered Howards End years ago and released versions on DVD and Blu-ray. This year, Cohen Media Group remastered Howards End once again, this time in 4K. Amazon also has Howards End for digital rental in HD for $3.99. No matter how you watch this delicious E.M. Forster adaptation, don’t blink during the short but infinitely glorious Christmas shopping scene. Merry Christmas Eve 2016 everyone!

Read Reel Charlie’s review of the timeless classic, Howards End.

howards end christmas scene


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