arrivalReally loved most of the new sci-fi film, Arrival. Many reasons to love it. First and foremost the lead character is female. Granted she has no lines with another female other than her young daughter. But this is still huge progress for Hollywood. Amy Adams brings a wealth of talent to the role of Louise Banks, a linguistics professor who attempts to bridge the gap between human and alien. The special effects are Oscar worthy thanks to a team of ten companies who worked on the film. See what you can learn when you stay for the full closing credits? And the focus on language and understanding instead of warfare made my heart sing. What failed for me came in the form of a much too neatly wrapped bow of an ending. But even with that, this female character absolutely knew her future was full of disappointment and devastation and still embraced it. That kernel more than made up for the Hollywoodsplanation ending. 4 out of 5 for Arrival.


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