Soundbars For Small Spaces: How To Pick The Best One For Your Lifestyle (Decider)


I know, I know. I talk often (incessantly) about the joys of soundbars. But seriously, your television was not made with audio in mind. And if you’re worried about the extra design space soundbars take up in your home, consider these less intrusive models. From Decider,

Regardless of its origin story, the mini soundbar is a speaker whose time has come. A crossover between a full-size soundbar and a Bluetooth speaker, a mini soundbar is small enough for any Manhattan apartment but still greatly improves the terrible sound that comes out of your TV or monitor. These small sound machines come with inputs such as HDMI or digital optical audio for a digital connection to your video source, and can decode surround sound (though, like their larger soundbar kind, the experience doesn’t compare to a true home theater system with at least 5 separate speakers and a subwoofer).

The mini soundbar means you no longer have any excuse to suffer subpar sound while streaming shows and movies. The harder choice is picking the one that’s best for you. Here are four good choices; hopefully you can put one of those gift certificates Santa left in your stocking to good use!

Read the full article for their top choices.
Oh, and happy new year… you’re welcome.

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