Versailles: Season 1

versailles-s1We started out buying a few episodes of Versailles on Amazon Prime because I thought it was only a 4-part mini-series. Then when we realized it was a 10-part television series, we stopped watching, waiting for the DVDs to be released until the other week a friend at work told me it was streaming on Netflix. I tell this story to prove that even people who blog about television are confused over what’s streaming where. So back to Versailles (literally I wish). The series from Canada about the early reign of Louis XIV boasts high production values – gorgeous location shooting, lovely costumes, beautiful make-up and wigs for everyone! Work those wigs. Versailles screams high night-time soap opera with a dash of historical drama thrown in to keep you running to Google to figure out the accuracy of the show. Versailles is fun and showy and dark and moody. It’s an English-speaking show, so no subtitles required. 3.5 out of 5. Definitely worth exploring.


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