10 Netflix Alternatives for Movie Lovers

Thanks to my work buddy KC for pointing me to this article on niche streaming services. For lovers of film, adding one or more of these smaller streaming services might take the hunger out of your “there’s never any good films to watch on… [insert major streaming service name here].”

From Indiewire,

Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are sinking billions into original TV series, and moving away from movies. HBO, Showtime and Starz have developed subscription streaming services for your mainstream movie fix, but those who love indie, classic, foreign, anime, black, Asian, and gay cinema have been left wanting. Until now.

2016 has seen the rise of a number of niche streaming services designed to cater to individual tastes. IndieWire takes a look at 10 services readers might want to give a try.

Peruse the gallery on Indiewire.

For LGBTQ films, I would suggest Wolfe on Demand, a service from Wolfe Video. The site is operated through Vimeo on Demand so films can be streamed via any television or streaming stick/box that carries Vimeo.




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