Sneaky Pete: Season 1

sneaky-peteI re-watched the pilot for Amazon’s Sneaky Pete as well as episode two this weekend. Season 1 premiered Friday on Amazon. I liked the pilot, but for some reason the series didn’t gel for me during episode two. I love Giovanni Ribisi, but the back and forth between his character’s former and new life felt stilted. I wanted more depth and got neither from the two settings. Too bad because the acting pool is great, the production value high. I have to admit relief whenever I run across a series I can let go of. Is that bad to say on my blog? I barely have time to keep up with the plethora of series I am committed to this year. And as you can see from my year in review posted on NYE, I watch a lot of television. So goodbye Sneaky Pete. I’m sorry I couldn’t stick around for Giovanni’s new project. 2 out of 5.


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