Golden Girls: Season 1

golden-girls-s1Been watching some old episodes of the The Golden Girls from Netflix DVD this past week. 32 years ago The Golden Girls premiered and ran for seven seasons. You may be wondering how old these “girls” were when they started the show? Rue McClanahan was the only actor who played close to her age. At 51, she was the sexy Blanche Devereaux. Estelle Getty at 62 played 80 year-old Sofia. And Bea Arthur and Betty White both started the show at 63 playing characters in their 50’s. Fast-forward to 2017 and we’ve got actors in their late 70’s playing seniors on Grace and Frankie. Jane Fonda turned 79 in December. Lily Tomlin turned 77 in September. Quite a change from the 80’s definition of older women. And as someone who is officially older than Blanche, I am grateful the new definition keeps getting older. My mother would call me vain. I just call myself practical.

The show continues to hold up and is a hoot to watch after all these years. Classic sit-com with stinging one-liners from the four comedic talents. Lots of confusion over how to be older in our culture which still exists today. And through it all, a house full of friendship and love. What a wonderful world. Thank you Susan Harris, Paul Junger Witt (The Partridge Family), and Tony Thomas for creating such a delightful show. 5 out of 5 for the memories.

The Golden Girls streams on Hulu February 13, 2017.



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