La La Land

la-la-landFull disclosure, I’m a not a big fan of musicals. That said, I love White Christmas, Rent, Once, Zero Patience, The Music Man, Dream Girls, Funny Girl, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Victor Victoria to name just a few. So it certainly wasn’t the music that turned me off to La La Land. First and foremost, both Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are weak singers. Perhaps one weak singer with one powerhouse might have pulled this off. But I cringed watching the two of them bore each other in what should have been a slam-bang series of numbers. Second they both came off as mousey. There wasn’t a spark between them. And finally, I will admit the opening gave me false hope – a huge spectacle of multicultural L.A. But the rest of the film turned into an ode to pasty white love. Where were the brown people? The Asian people? The LGBT people? Lots of black people playing musical instruments so the two white leads could swoon. How nice for them. Yes the landmarks were fun, the cinematography interesting, but none of this ultimately mattered because the leads were weak and out of their depth. I can’t believe this film has been nominated for fourteen Oscars. Fourteen nominations! What? I just can’t. 1 out of 5. Next.


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