Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Season 2

crazy-ex-girlfriend-s2Netflix premiered Season 2 of the CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend this past week. I binged through the delightful comedy infused with original genre-homage musical numbers. Not as edgy as the premiere season, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s sophomore outing still holds its own spoofing sit-coms and proving the cast and crew are some of the most talented folks working in television. It’s not easy to make me laugh, so I don’t always judge the quality of a comedy by how often I LOL. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend continues its smart journey through the crazy world of one woman’s quest to find the perfect mate. The musical numbers still shine. The cast is remarkable. Perhaps not the best season this series will put out, it’s still worth spending time with Rebecca Munch and her assortment of oddball friends and family. 3.5 out of 5.

Also, I can’t decide which musical number to profile here, so I’ll post a few. These are pure genius parody:


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