Sensitive Skin (2014)

sensitive-skinHaving watched the original 2005 UK mini-series, Sensitive Skin starring the luminous Joanna Lumley and talented Nicholas Jones, I was hesitant visiting the Canadian remake. But Netflix lured me in and I watched the entire updated series starring Kim Cattral and Don McKellar this time moving Sensitive Skin from London to Toronto. Cattral quietly shines with McKellar co-staring and directing the show. In the original, Lumley played 61-year-old Davina at the age of 59. Cattral took on the role in 2014 at the age of 58. So perfect casting in both the original and remake. Sensitive Skin concerns the lost feeling many people have when their adult responsibilities (career, marriage, kids) wind down and they are left with too many of life’s big questions unanswered. Sensitive Skin is a quiet, unassuming portrait of a long-term marriage and one woman’s quest to find meaning in late middle-age. Rounding out the cast, Joanna Gleason  and Colm Feore contribute strong supporting roles as Davina’s prickly sister and her mid-life crisis brother in-law. 4 out of 5 for this thought-provoking drama.


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