King Cobra

king-cobraIt doesn’t get more sleazy than an amateur porn producer getting murdered by two rival wannabees who spend their days hustling in both senses of the term. Who else would dramatize this true life story except our own gay male wannabee James Franco. And so we have the birth of King Cobra. The film uses Lifetime movie melodrama to tell the strange but true story of Stephen (based on Bryan Kocis), a frustrated admirer of young men who dabbles in amateur porn in the 2000’s creating a cottage industry and discovering gay porn sensation Brent Corrigan. A year after their initial collaboration (I’m using the film’s story, not the real story), Corrigan leaves Stephen to venture out on his own and become the next big gay male porn star. But there’s a hitch. Stephen owns “Brent Corrigan” the name. Enter Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes two sleazy male escorts who see Corrigan as a way to make their fledgling amateur porn company worth millions. Only one problem. How do they get around the rights to the name? Hmmm, maybe they just need to get rid of Stephen. So goes the back stabbing story that made headlines around the country in 2007. Franco plays Kerekes, Disney star Garrett Clayton plays Corrigan, Christian Slater plays Stephen, and Keegan Allen plays Cuadra. The film was fun if not accurate. Don’t expect Shakespeare, but it’s certainly entertaining in the vein of Boogie Nights. 3.5 out of 5.


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