Doctor Strange

doctor-strangeNot Mister Strange, Not Mister Doctor. It’s Doctor Strange. Benedict Cumberbatch journey quests his way into Marvel’s anti-hero Stephen Strange. I realize time and time again, I am not the target audience for these films. But I also realize that eventually these kinds of films have to reach out to broader audiences, so I hope my criticisms are constructive and not simply dismissive. I do realize there are a mountain of movie goers who are ready to swallow these stories as is. But here I go. I love the fact that there’s a spirituality to this film – something mystical. I’ve been waiting for special effects to explore these themes. That said, it doesn’t do any good to mention Chakras when the default for films like Doctor Strange continue to be battles between good and evil where you can’t decipher who is good and who is evil since everyone’s blowing each other up. Isn’t there room in this world for huge special effects films that don’t unravel into horrific violence? And apart from being horrific, the repetitive violence ends up being boring. There must be other ways to use this technology. Other stories to tell. So I grew restless with Doctor Strange. The special effects are gorgeous and almost worth sitting through the film until the bloodshed and battles commence. From that moment on I could only think of one thing: 2 out of 5. Next.


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