O.J.: Made in America

oj-made-in-americaAfter winning the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature, I decided to give O.J.: Made in America a shot. At nine hours, it’s definitely a commitment. But I figured if it felt too long, I could always bail. It’s absolutely worth the investment. The details in this mini-series highlight so many issues in our culture: race, race relations, inequality, injustice, urban life, poverty, fame, wealth, power, money, ego, and gender. I’m sure I’ve missed a few. O.J. symbolizes so many things about our culture from the late 60’s to present. What is good – being able to transcend class and race and be rewarded for excellence. And what is bad – wealth and fame allows people to live by a different set of rules. In the end, O.J.: Made in America leaves the viewer with a lot to digest. The trifecta of documentaries on the African-American experience out this year: O.J.: Made in America, 13th, and I Am Not Your Negro deserve not only your attention, but an on-going discussion and to-do list until we rectify and rid ourselves of issues stemming from race in America. 5 out of 5. A must-see.


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