From Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film,

This past Sunday, the Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film bestowed its Trudy awards among a dozen films at its annual awards ceremony, held at Harvard Square’s Brattle Theater. However, of those 12 films only one was a multiple winner, Barry Jenkins’ MOONLIGHT, which came away with four Trudies: Best Movie, Best Director, Best Ensemble Cast and Best Supporting Actor, for Mahershala Ali’s memorable performance.

The rest of the night’s awards included surprises, first-timers and local favorites. In the acting categories, France’s Isabelle Huppert won Best Actress for a riveting take-no-prisoners performance in ELLE, while Joel Edgerton was a surprise Best Actor winner for his moving portrayal of quiet civil rights pioneer in LOVING. Newcomer Lily Gladstone won her Best Supporting Actress Trudy for her taciturn, open faced Rancher in Kelly Reichardt’s CERTAIN WOMEN.

See Chlortudis’ website for all the winners! And congratuations. 
Reel Charlie is an out-of-state member of Chlotrudis.


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