Grace and Frankie: Season 3

We continue on the roller coaster ride that is Grace and Frankie. Watching Season 1, I found the series dull and too standard fare ala Marta Kauffman (Friends). Season 2 appeared as a revelation unmasking flesh and blood characters underneath the facade of those caricatures.  Season 3 has me back where I began wondering if this series truly knows what it is. This time around, the action is doled out among all the characters so instead of having the primary title characters and a group of supporting characters, we now have a set of characters off on an adventure without Grace and Frankie. We have the gay ex-husbands who really do prove the far right has nothing to fear from gay people – they’re just as boring as the rest of the world. Honestly what’s going on with Sheen and Waterson’s characters? They have moments of depth but mostly fumble through their scenes. Surely this is about shoddy direction and a weak script. Then there are the kids. The girls have their scenes and the boys have theirs. Each character could dig so deeper but no one’s given these actors a shovel. So where does that leave Grace and Frankie? Confused about where their business is heading and even where their lives are heading. I didn’t hate the series. But I never laughed out loud not even once. I think this should be a drama with some comedy, not a comedy with too many caricatures and not enough oomph. After Season 2 I was hoping for so much better. 3 out of 5.


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