Here’s What Happened When I Did All The Verbs From The L Word Theme Song In One Day (Autostraddle)

Kayla from Autostraddle decided to copy down all the verbs from The L Word theme song, The Way That We Live by Betty and act them out. Laughing out loud ensues. For fans of The L Word and lovers of obsessed people everywhere,

I have been trying to master the fast part of “The Way That We Live” by Betty, the theme song for The L Word, for the better part of a decade. That rambling list of gerunds is deceptively hard to recite, especially under the pressure that sets in when you triumphantly declare at a party that you can totally recite all the words to The L Word theme song and everyone expects a demonstration.

After many a night practicing, and my girlfriend waking me up to inform me that I was singing it in my sleep again, the rowdy earworm started to sound more and more like an incantation or a prayer. The more I heard those words play over and over in my head, the more I wondered if within that daringly simple hook, Betty had encoded a certain doctrine. Could The L Word’s theme song outline a righteous path toward a fulfilling life?

With the conviction of Jenny Schecter writing about manatees, I embarked on a journalistic and spiritual journey to unlock life’s secrets with the help of Betty’s lyrical key. I decided to do all of the verbs described at the end of The L Word’s in just one day. The results may shock you.

Read the entire article on Autostraddle.
Listen to Betty’s The Way That We Live, the theme song for The L Word.


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