How Do You Organize Your Watching?

How do you keep up with all the new content being acquired by streaming services? There should be a way for our viewing devices to organize everything for us. Until that happens, I keep an analog list in a note on my laptop of all the series I’m currently watching. Once a month I go through the lists online of what’s coming to the services I’m subscribed to (currently Netflix and Amazon Prime). That’s easily done by googling “What’s coming to ___ in ___ ?” (insert streaming service and month). Then I add the start dates to my Google calendar to jar my memory. Awkward and clunky doesn’t even begin to describe this analog nightmare. But it works for now and keeps me on top of most content. New shows creep in that have hovered out of my radar now and then such as Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why which I’m currently watching. Oh, and part of my duties at the library is to order DVDs, so I add another layer of DVD watching to the mix from shows that are either on other streaming services or currently only available on DVD.

Confusing? Absofuckinglutely. Is your method any easier? Please consider sharing in the comments.


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