The 20 Best Drama Movies On Netflix (Decider)

Friends (Joe P., I’m talking to you) often ask me  how to find great films to watch on streaming services such as Netflix. I am in the process of culling a list of my favorite films and where they are streaming. But I’ve been procrastinating, so in the meantime Decider’s created a great list of 20 Dramas to consider watching on Netflix. From Decider,

The right drama film can take audiences to incredible places; battlefields, courtrooms, even outer space. Dramas encompass the largest category available to stream on Netflix; there’s so much crossover that it’s nearly impossible to classify dramas as just dramas. Romantic dramas, science fiction dramas, war dramas, crime dramas, you name it – just about anything you’re looking for can be categorized as a drama. They sweep the Academy Awards every year, and it’s not hard to see why. These powerful stories pack exactly the right punch.

Netflix‘s “Dramas” category houses classic dramas like The Third Man and Patton, biographical dramas like Hands of Stone and The Butler, teen dramas, sports dramas, social issue dramas, and a slew of other sub-genres. Your drama of choice is just waiting to be watched; the streaming material here is seemingly endless.

Browse the list on Decider. The slideshow is easy to navigate so dive in.


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