Bruce C. Kingsley: 1942 – 2017

Back in my Alternative Video days, one of the favorite parts of my job was interacting with all the interesting customers who came through our doors. In particular, the weekends were swamped with NYC residents stopping by on their way to their mountain homes. Two men, Bruce Kingsley and John Laub came in nearly every week and always checked out the most interesting films. We had some great conversations during their brief stops each week. Sadly, John died in 2005 while they were still coming to the Catskills. When I left for grad school in 2006, Bruce brought a delicious homemade soup to the gathering. I always felt bad about not staying in touch more with Bruce. We were Facebook friends who never saw each other after my going-away party.

On Friday, I learned of Bruce’s death. He died in the most remarkable way – of a sudden heart attack while attending the Provincetown Film Festival on Friday June 16, 2017. Bruce’s obituary can only be described as celebratory. May we all live life to the fullest savoring what we truly hold dear in this world. Bruce was a true keeper of the arts and a film aficionado, patron, and historian. His obituary tells the tale of his beautiful life and loves. From SaukValley,

For the past 13 years, Kingsley, who resided in New York, was an active member of the Boston-based Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film, where he was a film reviewer and where he had been on the organization’s board of directors for the last 8 years. In New York, Kingsley, with Arnold Himelstein, ran Talking Pictures, a film-appreciation course offered at Penn South Senior Center in Chelsea. For the past decade, Kingsley also sponsored a popular movie night in his apartment, screening classic films every Monday for a loyal following. Kingsley’s film work also included serving as chief researcher on Richard Alleman’s “The Movie Lover’s Guide to New York” and “The Movie Lover’s Guide to Hollywood.”

Read the full obituary in SaukValley.
Thank you Bruce for your kindness over the years.



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