Kylie at 50

In the 1980’s, America gave birth to Madonna. Many Americans may not realize it, but for the rest of the world, it’s Kylie Minogue. The Aussie singer’s career spans over three decades. Yesterday she turned 50. I adore her. I have to admit, like most Americans, I came late to the party. It wasn’t until I visited Berlin in the early 2000’s that I caught Kylie Fever. Kylie has no agenda other than making happy music. I was honored to witness her Aphrodite: Live tour in New York City in 2011. The floor was standing only which meant we danced and sang our way through the entire show. Glorious.

It’s hard for me to pick only a few, but here are two of my favorite Kylie songs. Happy 50th Kylie. Welcome to the club.

Catch of glimpse of Kylie’s sweetness as she performs for the GLAAD Awards 2014:

3 Responses to “Kylie at 50”

  1. gracelynn67 Says:

    YES!!! On so many levels!!! I want to see her again!!! Her music is amazingly fun! She is POP spectacularness! Aphrodite was incredible! I’m glad we shared that experience together. It was truly euphoric!


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