Amazon Prime is filled with Alex Jones conspiracy theory videos it calls ‘documentaries’ (Mashable)

I’m thrilled Mashable has picked this story. I noticed over a month ago that Amazon added Dinesh D’Souza’s conspiracy theory videos to their streaming platform free for Prime members. I immediately wrote to Amazon. D’Souza is responsible for poisoning family members of mine with his Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton ridiculous films. My family members are intelligent enough to get the real facts on their own. But they live in an ivory tower of fear so they were easy prey. Please consider contacting Amazon by clicking on this sentence.

Mashable focuses on Alex Jones but both D’Souza and Jones are cut from the same cloth. They are both interested in bringing this country down. From Mashable,

Amazon Prime’s documentary genre features many Academy Award-winning feats of investigative journalism. But it has a problem: Amazon categorizes legitimate documentaries from HBO and PBS in the same way that it does conspiracy theory films from the likes of Alex Jones.

The Telegraph first reported the troubling appearance of conspiracy theory “documentaries” on the streaming platform, in particular films from Jones and noted crazy-person David Icke. Jones is the talking head of InfoWars, who is currently being sued by families of Sandy Hook shooting victims for claiming that the deaths of their children was a hoax. Icke is a conspiracy theorist who calls himself a “conspiracy realist.”

Read the full article on Mashable.
Contact Amazon to make your voice heard.

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